Blue Moon’s featured artist this month is Theresa Fisher!


Theresa Fisher’s inspiration comes from God and her life’s journeys. Each path has inspired her work, not only in her own work but also inspiring her students to create. Having the opportunities to travel and see our beautiful country has influenced her creations on paper and in color. It is easy to escape from the everyday routes of life. To find a place to express her emotions in a color, form, and texture. When she has felt lonely, she has found comfort in her work, when she has felt happy, she found more joy, when she felt frustrated, she has a way to sling the paint in a way that all her emotions and passion comes out in a flood on the surface. Theresa Fisher has a Fine arts degree from Valdosta State in Valdosta, GA and has been blessed to have shown in various venues throughout the southern states.  She also has work in private collections throughout the United States and other countries including an US Senator and TV personalities. In this show, Theresa has included Christine Fisher’s works as well, who happens to be the artist’s sweet mother who recently started taking her painting classes in September.Christine Fisher has Macular Degeneration which has impacted her ability to read and see small details, but enjoys painting.